Welcome to First Congregational Church!
Open and Affirming
All are welcome!


We are an open congregation striving to accept and love all of God’s children.  Please come as you are!  We’d love to have you!

Sunday Service

Church Sanctuary: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  • Announcements: A time for announcements precedes the actual service. The lay assistant will highlight any upcoming events on the church calendar.
  • Call to Worship: The Call to Worship, as led by our lay assistant, is a responsive reading projected on the front screen and found in our Sunday bulletin. The congregation is encouraged to respond with the text that is written in bold.
  • Passing of the Peace: During this time, the congregation stands to greet those sitting next to them.
  • Sharing with the Children: The pastor invites the children, that would like to come forward for a special message, to sit on the steps at the front of the sanctuary. They then participate in or listen to a special message geared for them. When the message concludes, the children are welcome to proceed to the Nursery or Sunday School (K-7th grade) until the end of the service.
  • Scripture Lesson: The pastor reads the Sunday scripture to the congregation.
  • Message: The Pastor then gives the message and meaning of the day’s scripture reading, usually relating it to current day events or life experiences.
  • Service of Prayer: During the Service of Prayer, the congregation is invited to add any additional joys or concerns. The Service of Prayer consists of a silent prayer, a prayer led by the pastor, and the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Invitation to Give Thanks: The lay assistant will ask for the ushers to come forward to collect the morning offering.
  • Benediction: This is a blessing given by the pastor to conclude the service.

Sunday Chapel Service

Church Chapel: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

(Not offered at this time)

Our Chapel is a smaller, more intimate location on the North end of the church.  During the summer season, some prefer to attend this earlier service which incorporates many of the same components as our later Sanctuary service.  Visitors are welcome to attend either service (or both) and then join us for fellowship, goodies, coffee, and conversation afterwards.

Child Care

Our nursery/playroom is available during the 10:30 worship for children Kindergarten age and younger.  It is located on the lower of the church and is monitored by responsible adults.  Parents are welcome to drop their child(ren) off before service or escort them down after the “Time for Children” which takes place within the first few minutes of Sunday Worship.   (Children in 1st-7th grade are invited to participate in Sunday School during this same time period.)

Sunday School

Attendees of all ages are invited to participate in Sunday School on Sunday mornings.

Adult Sunday School

Currently there is no set Adult Sunday School.  Please call the church office for updates.

8th gr. – High School Sunday School

Youth of this age typically engage in Sunday School and various youth group activities after church. They study the scriptures and participate in lively discussions about current topics and concerns.  They also regularly lead or contribute to the Sunday Service.  Due to the youths’ very busy schedules, this group does have a somewhat irregular schedule.  Please call the church office to determine if this group is meeting on a particular Sunday.

1st-7th Grade Sunday School

Youth of this age participate in Sunday School while their parents attend the normal Worship Service.  Youth typically start the Worship Service with their parents, participate in the “Time for Children,” and then exit to Sunday School which is held in the lower level of the church.  Lessons consist of readings, theater productions, and crafts centering around various Bible lessons or seasons of the church.


Chancel Choir

The First Congregational Church Chancel Choir exists to bring a joyful noise to worship. We believe that music and worship go hand in hand, and it is our mission to present what talent we have to support worship services. The Chancel Choir usually performs on a regular basis.

With a repertoire of modern praise songs and favorite church choral pieces from the recent past, we enjoy singing a wide variety of musical styles. We add new pieces to our extensive music library every year. Frequently, we are joined by featured instrumentalists. Our congregation is blessed with willing and talented individuals who provide us with percussion, brass, winds, and strings.

Lead by our church co-Music Directors, Diane and Lisa Van Deurzen-Otey, we meet from Labor Day through Graduation Sunday (the first Sunday in June), with occasional special performances during the summer. No previous experience is required, and you don’t have to be able to read music: the Chancel Choir is open to everyone!

Bell Choir

The First Congregational Church Hand Bell Choir rings two octaves of Malmark bells.  The Hand Bell Choir participates regularly in church services.  Practice times vary.  So, if you happen to be visiting South Haven, please stop in to enjoy the beautiful music!  Additional members are always welcome.  Contact Ann Habicht for more information.

Handbell Performance:

A handbell choir or handbell ensemble is a group that rings recognizable music with melodies and harmony, as opposed to the mathematical permutations used in change ringing. The bells used generally include all notes of the chromatic scale within the range of the bell set. While a smaller group uses only 25 bells (two octaves), the sets are often larger, ranging up to a seven-and-a-half-octave set. The bells are typically arranged chromatically on foam-covered tables; these tables protect the bronze surface of the bell, as well as keep the bells from rolling when placed on their sides. Unlike an orchestra or choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of the texture, a bell ensemble acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for particular notes, sounding his or her assigned bells whenever that note appears in the music.

In the United States, handbell choirs have become more popular over the last thirty years. They are often associated with churches, although the past decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of community groups. Most community groups use larger sets of handbells than an average church handbell choir, twelve to fifteen members being a common size for a four- or five-octave choir. Many schools also include handbells in their music programs, some starting students on chimes in lower grades. Music theory, notation reading, and the cooperative effort required are a just few of the aspects that fulfill “SOL” requirements. Special populations also adopt handbell ringing for enjoyment, using a wide variety of musical and notation styles, leader directions and physical adaptations.

Bible Study

The Adult Bible Study Classes held several times a year when the interest is shown. They are usually held in the lounge. Check with the office as to when and where the next Bible Study will take place.

Fellowship Hall

Join us in Fellowship Hall after service for coffee and conversation!

Coffee and Conversation:   Get to know us better at First Congregational Church of South Haven Michigan. Come join us in Fellowship Hall after service for Coffee, snacks and conversation! Located upstairs right off from the Sanctuary.