Youth Sunday School

Welcome to the Church School Program here at First Congregational Church!  Church School meets every Sunday, with the exception of the first Sunday of each month as they remain in worship as we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Our Church School starts in September (the first Sunday after Labor Day) and ends in May (the Sunday before Memorial Weekend.)  Church school is offered for ages K – high school.


Worship Center (Grades K-2nd)  (10:40 - Children will be released during worship)
The Worship Center offers children an unique opportunity to experience God in deep and meaningful ways. Bible stories are told using wooden figures and visual materials. The children hear the stories in chronological order and learn the seasons of the church year. They respond to the stories by dancing, singing, and completing art projects.

Grades 3-5th  (10:40 - Children will be released during worship)
This year, the 3-5th grade students are following the church calendar to better learn some of the stories, people, and events in the Bible.  They are using maps and timelines to help them visually understand when and where these events took place.  They then either write in their personal thought journals or participate in a craft to help relate the Bible story to their everyday life.

Grades 6-8th  (10:40 - Children will be released during worship)
The middle school students join in Bible study and lively discussion. They participate in related art, theatrical, and cooking projects.

High School  (11:30 After worship)
Our innovative program uses the students’ interests and abilities to explore Bible passages and engage in discussions on issues of faith.