Sunday Service

Sunday Service
Early Service:8:30 a.m. in the Chapel June through Labor Day
Sunday School:9:30 am – 10:25 am (Adult class only) (September-May)
Sunday Service:10:30 am - 11:30 am

Progression of Service:

Announcements: A time for announcements precedes the actual service. The lay assistant will highlight any upcoming events on the church calendar.

Call to Worship: The Call to Worship, as led by our lay assistant, is a responsive reading found in our Sunday bulletin. The congregation is encouraged to respond with the text that is written in bold.

Passing of the Peace: During this time, the congregation stands to greet those sitting next to them.

Sharing with the Children: The pastor invites the children, that would like to come forward for a special message, to sit on the steps at the front of the sanctuary. They then participate in or listen to a special message geared for them. When the message concludes, the children are welcome to proceed to the Nursery or Super Church until the end of the service.

Scripture Lesson: The pastor reads the Sunday scripture reading to the congregation.

Message: He then gives the message and meaning of the day's scripture reading, usually relating it to current day events or life experiences.

Service of Prayer: During the Service of Prayer, the congregation is invited to add any additional joys or concerns. The Service of Prayer consists of silent prayer, a prayer led by the pastor, and the Lord’s Prayer.

Invitation to Give Thanks: The lay assistant will ask for the ushers to come forward to collect the morning offering.

Benediction: This is a blessing given by the pastor to conclude the service.

Service ends: 11:30 am

A Time for fellowship:

Everyone is invited up to the Fellowship Hall located in the upstairs of the church for conversation and refreshments.

Doug Schnepp: Donates his time and efforts every Sunday making sure all of our sound equipment is ready for the Sunday service. He also records the audio of the service.