Visitation Ministry

Visitation Ministry

Visitation Ministry

The purpose of a Visitation Ministry is to share the love of God and our church life by offering visits to church members and friends, including those who are in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, assisted living and independent living facilities, those in hospitals or just released from the hospital and those who just need a visit to let them know we care.

Sometimes folks would like to chat, but just aren't up to receiving a visit in person, so the Visitation Ministry would also provide phone visits.

 The Ministry is flexible: in allowing Visiting Friends to participate regularly or only occasionally, as they have time.

 This Ministry will include the existing Prayer Shawl Ministry, Flower Ministry, River Ridge pick-up Ministry and Worship at Countryside.

 We have also added a  ministries called “Caring Meals Ministry” and “Caring Transportation”.

 Caring Meals Ministry would involve supplying those recovering from surgery or having a baby with a meal for a few days after their return home. Karen Morey has volunteered to take charge of this part of our Visitation Ministry. She may be calling you if there is a need for meals.

Caring Transportation would involve transportation to and from church or other appointments for our members and friends without regular transportation.

Gail Brodhagen will be sending out Get Well cards from our church family. If you know a member or friend who need to be cheered up, please let Gail know. Gail will be handling this from her winter home as well.  

Our next meeting will be Oct. 18th at 9:00am and will be held in the church lounge. We realize that it is impossible to set a time and day that is convenient for everyone interested. If you are interested in any aspect of this ministry and unable to attend this meeting, please use the back of this form to let us know.



This Visitation Ministry supplements the congregational care provided by our minister and is offered by members with warm hearts and good listening skills.



If you know of someone who may be in need of a visit from our minister or are in need of a visit yourself or would like to become part of this vital ministry of caring please let us know.