Thursday in Boston and Beyonf

Thursday in Boston and Beyonf

Thursday in Boston and Beyond

It was sleep in Thursday.   Breakfast was at 9:30, pack up and leave by 11 a.m.   Van rental was late, but we were on our way by 11:45.  

One thing we forgot was that 15 passenger vans with 13 people, leave little room for luggage.   Good thing we were not going far, because it was crammed.

As it was raining, we did most of our sightseeing by looking out van windows.   We drove to Lexington and went to the Minute Man National Historic Park.   A very nice visitor center provided some info and clean restrooms. 

We traveled along the trail and saw where Paul Revere was captured and many important homes – like those of Louisa May Alcott (although they did not remember what she wrote) and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s home (and again, no clue who he was).

Arriving at the North Bridge outside of Concord, we got out and walked to the bridge.   Here we were reminded of Emerson’s words that the it was at the North Bridge that “the shot heard round the world” was fired.    Some good history lessons this morning.

We took a slight detour to go to Waldon Pond and once again had to do a teaching moment about who spent time here ( and that would be Henry David Thoreau).      Thoreau was a writer of natural history and philosophy along with simple living.  He was a life-long abolitionist and a defender of John Brown.  He wrote about civil disobedience and practiced it.    If you haven’t read Walden, you should.

From there we drove to Rutland – in the rain – and arrived at the farm just in time for farm chores.   Animals still need to be fed and cared for in the rain, and thus we did.   We also unpacked our van and loaded items into our tents – in the rain.   Some of our cots were wet, as some of the tents had some leaks….lovely.   Jeff and Denise Muck arrived with our sleeping bags.   What a joy to see them, and how wonderful of them to bring our sleeping bags and boots from Michigan.   THANK YOU  SO MUCH.    They also brought along Marie, their granddaughter, what a cutie!!    Too bad mom Alica and dad Ed, had to work.

The rest of our day was orientation, and some games to get acquainted with the farm.   We had a hearty supper of chili; which included beans grown on the farm – and green beans at that, as well as sausage from their pigs.    There was also a vegetarian chili.   Fresh picked spinach salad with a lovely lemon dressing.     Dessert included beet brownies….seriously, who knew you could mash beets and make delicious brownies….will have to try this at home.

The evening found lots of card games breaking out and time to be inside the dry classroom.   I made a quick trip to a store to buy a sweatshirt and blanket because it is just too dang cold and I am old!.

Sleep was not easy – the rain pounded on the tent.   The wind ripped and shook the tent.  Thunder boomed and it stormed all night.    Being out east, the sun is up early.  As our tents our white, it was light inside at 5 a.m.   Way too early.

At 8 a.m. on Friday – it is still raining.