Sunday at the Farm

Sunday at the Farm

Sunday morning

Roosters crowing at 4:30 a.m. is hard to get use to. As is sunlight at 5 a.m.   Sleeping in our Ghana house was actually pretty good.   The group in Tibet, had thin mats on a hard floor.  At least it wasn’t too cold.

We crawled out of bed at 6:30 and started our fire to cook breakfast.   Oatmeal was on order, nothing more.   No coffee or tea or juice.  Oatmeal with a few raisins – no sugar either.

The fire started with just one match and soon the water was boiling.  We all ate oatmeal, because we were all hungry.   We then did our dishes, packed up and moved back to our tents.   At 8:15, it was time for morning chores – because the animals require attention as the youth have learned.

A short classroom session and then at 10 a.m., a break for showers.   They really felt good this morning.


Lunch was a big improvement.  A whole spaghetti, with a choice of sauces.   Salad and garlic bread (although we could only have one small piece).  The pasta was so good, people went back for seconds.     That evening, supper was a stuffed squash (a vegetarian option and one with pork), another simple salad, mashed parsnips and for desert, ice cream with strawberry rhubarb crunch.    Two good meals in one day – pretty nice.


Our afternoon chore was weeding in the garden.  We had five rows where fall squashes will be planted.  A fairly easy job, just time consuming.  We also did some weeding in the garlic patch.   As reward, we were able to pick three strawberries, which were good, but not as sweet as Michigan berries.

Future Project

Our last classroom session was to work on our mind map and our take home project.  Lots of ideas here from the other day.     They wrote up three projects including some form of a big beach party or party for freshmen.    Another project was working on self-esteem efforts which includes writing letters of positive affirmation to other students.   The third was to focus on Voting with Your Fork and while there are a couple of ideas, one includes hosting a healthy locally grown potluck or soup lunch at church in September.   Very exciting to see the energy and to listen to the ideas.   Look forward to future meetings.

The evening ended with a devotion time that Meredith led.  It featured some thoughts on service and how to involve others.   Devotions closed with reflections on what the youth thought were the high points of our time in Boston and on the farm.  

High points included the Boston Pops, the tours, and much more….here is what the youth said:

Morgan: Boston Pops and all the animals on the farm

Connor: Snack machine at the hotel, Pops, the cats and rabbits

Iza: Dancing in the subway for Emily’s birthday and the entire Global Village experience, especially felt closer to the whole group when they all met in the house in Tibet.

Juliet: The whole trip because it brought us closer together and on the farm, mixing with the other group and getting to know them.

Cherry: Walking around Boston and seeing all the different types of buildings.   Meeting new people, like Juliet, and getting to know them.

Elizabeth: The Boston tours, the different doors and all the chores on the farm.

Thomas: Mountain Dew, the Comic Book Store and the Guinea Hogs on the farm.

Madi:  The Boston Pops, working on the farm, the various projects, and getting closer to the people in the group

Emily: Pops, Pigs(especially Lincoln) People (getting closer to others in the group)

Jacob: Pops, Comic Book Store, doing chores on the farm with all the different animals.


The responses came quick, no one had to think about it, there was lots to share and enjoy.   Then, we held a closing prayer circle, remembering dads and family back home, giving thanks for all who sent us on the trip and for the many blessings we experienced.

A good day –a good night.

Ready to go home….