Home at last.

Well, I am now.  Getting here was a bit of a journey.  Talk about your planes, trains and automobiles, I experienced all of that and more.

Sunday at the farm wrapped up nicely.  Lots of farewells to staff and animals, group photos and then Jeff and Denise Muck arrived to pick up our sleeping bags and boots.  Their assistance in bringing our stuff was huge.  It saved us money and lots of headaches – and how we would have transported all that stuff is beyond me.   So, once again, a hearty thank you to Denise and Jeff.

We packed our van and loaded up – fortunately we never had to go through a check point, not sure our packing was quite up to code.   We drive for 45 minutes and then stopped for lunch at a Friendly’s Restaurant.  Two people ordered salads and Sarah would have been proud.  The rest of us went for burgers, sliders, chicken fingers and fries.   Yeah, we voted with our fork.   We admit our guilt and ask to be forgiven.

Pile back in the van, people singing some silly songs, some by John Denver (didn’t realize the youth even knew him) and then they were singing Leaving on a Jet Plane.   This was followed by some mix of like 50 songs –way beyond me.

So, we made it to Logan Airport, dropped off the by some mix of like 50 songs –way beyond me.

So, we made it to Logan Airport, dropped off the youth and headed south in traffic to return the rental van.   That went fairly smoothly, then it was onto a bus to get back to the airport.  Bus was delayed, then it was rush hour traffic (which was odd since we were going into the city at 3:30 p.m.).   But bumper to bumper it was.   I made it on time and boarded the flight with the group.

It was a beautiful day outside, until we got on the plane.  Then, it started to rain and rain.  Then lightening and then the announcements began of delays.  When the pilot informs you that he is shutting down the engines to save fuel, you know it is going to be awhile.

An hour and a half later, our flight took off.  On the ride home, many slept.  Others, were too excited to get home to sleep.   It was that type of trip.   We finally made it home to South Haven around 12:30 a.m.