A great place to live


Today is the Cub Scout Food Drive at Village Market in South Haven.   I went over at 8:45 a.,m. to set up for the drive (meaninging I brought over the Scout Flags and sign).   Right on tme, Kyle and Jarred showed up with their dads (Mike and John).   The temp is around 19 degress, and yet, here they are ready to ask folks to donate food to the pantry.   It is cold and the boys already notice it.

Within the first 15 minutes we meet 7 or 8 people that we know from town.   They greet the boys gladly and wait patiently in the colkd as the boys, in their young somewhat shy voices, tell them what they are doing.    They then go in to do their shopping and come out with bags to help fill teh shopping carts.   One woman, who had already been shopping, goes back out to her car and brings back a bag of items she had just purchased for herself!  How nice is that!   Another person shares that she works at the We Care Office and is so proud of the boys for being out here.     All of the people thank the boys for what they are doing.    

The food pantry is serving more people each month.   There has been no slow down in the number of families who need help.   Our elected leadrs may say things are improving, but the stats say differently.

The stats also show that donations continue strong.   From churches, local organizations and many many individuals - food and money continues to come in.   Today at Village Market is just another reminder of the generous spirit of this community.   People who are willing to help and to give.

I really love living in South Haven.    Beautiful beaches, lovely sunsets - living by a great lake is good.   But it is the generous and caring people who really make this a Great Place.

Thank you.