Feeding America

This has been an amazing week for lots of reasons. 

Cub Scouts marched in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday - and my entire Den showed up - way to go guys!

My son, Lamont is graduating from high school - YEAH!    It also means the beginning of graduation parties (or as one young person told their parents, Pulled Pork Season).   Bring it on.

The weather has been sunny and cool - just wonderful for all the events taking place, including a conference track meet where Lamont jumped 6'5".

On Wednesday, the Middle High Youth at the church, along with some really wonderful parents and adults, got out of school to help with the Feeding America Food Truck.  The Middle High Youth raised the $500 it cost to bring this truck here.   They worked at the recycle paper truck and held a soup lunch.  

Wednesday, the trucked arrived (it comes from what was Gleaners in Benton Harbor, and is now part of Feeding America) and the youth worked at setting up the tables and unloading the truck.   There was corn, potatoes, ice cream lemonade, juice, bakery products, cottage cheese, yogurt, salad dressing and more.   All of the items come from stores or prodcuers who donate these items (some are overstock, some recently outdated - but all good).

Families had been contacted ahead of time and some 85 families representing 451 individual came to receive these items.   The youth help distrubute them and assist with carrying the food to their cars.

It was exciting to be able to help with this project.  There was lots of gratitude and people were patient and polite and gracious.   Some asked if they could make a donation - and the answer is no, all was provided.   

The generoisity of the young people and adults working on this project, participating in hands on ministry is awesome.  

At one poing, a man from another church stoped by to learn about the project.  He asked how his church could get involved and we shared some ideas.  My hope is that we will be able to partner together on this project.   That would be a great way to expand this ministry and include others in the joy of serving.

It is a great week.  And getting better each day.    Saturday we go to Grand Rapids for the State Track Meet that Lamont is jumping.   Then Graduation Sunday.

Ah, God is good.