Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" is a song by Andy Williams and those are the words that describe today.

The day began with the children presenting their Christmas Program during worship.   This was "The Monk and the Nativity" and is a cute story of a monk carving a nativity scene.   Tim Larson played the monk and all the children had parts.  They did wonderfully, speaking well and singing Away in a Manger so nicely.  What great joy it brought.    (I didn't get any photos, but lots of parents did and we will post them soon.)

Following worship, a larger group of men had been working in the kitchen to prepare a Smoked Turkey Dinner.  Five smoked turkeys, 2 nonsmoked turkeys, stuffing, potatoes (all peeled and whipped by Phil and Paul Rood), cranberry sauce, stuffing made by volunteers, salad, relish tray, rolls, cooked squash (donated by Stephenson Farms and prepared by Jennifer Bishop and Lynn Dick), corn from Banner Farms and locally grown green beans (thanks to Carolyn Rowles for freezing them for us).   We also had lots of desserts and 6 gallons of cider (also from Stephenson Farms).  Centerpieces were made by Nancy Daugherty.    Dave Daugherty was the chief chef and Bob Linderman organized the volunteers.  

Best guess is that 25 men took part in making and cleaning up the affair.   Fellowship Hall as packed with 13 tables filled with families.   The lines moved quickly, and there was plenty of food for all.   Good fellowship, good food and a wonderful day.   With candles in the windows, wreaths on the wall, the very large Christmas Tree all lite up and decorated, it was a Christmas Meal to remember.     

After all of that, a couple of families met out on 65th Avenue to cut down Christmas Trees.  We followed the trail that Bob had blazed, through a corn field, through some brush, over a slight ridge (but no creeks to cross) and made our way to the trees.  My son Brandon cut down our tree - his first time doing so.   He asked why he had to cut the tree and I explained that his siblings (Josh, Lamont and Jasmine) had all done this before him.   I'm not sure Jennifer eve had to cut the tree, but she surely came along when we were in NH.   

Cutting our own tree is one of those Christmas moments I enjoy.   And today was a beautiful day, sun shining, snow on the ground, cold, but not freezing.   So, everyone found a tree, we dragged them back to the trucks and cars (well, Brandon dragged ours and I followed).   The tree was loaded in the truck and delivered to 359 Pearl Street.

The tree is now up in the living room, in front of the picture window.  Some lights are on, but more will be added on Monday.  Then the decorations.

It is beginning to look like Christmas in our house.   More importantly, it is beginning to feel like Christmas - and that is a wonderful feeling.

May your Christmas be a blessed one.