Boston Day One

A wonderful adventure begins at 4 a.m. in the church parking lot!   Everyone arrived on time, one bag was left behind at the Olsen household, but we still were on the road by 4:20 a.m.

The ride to Chicago was dark, rainy - LOTS of rain at times - and extremely quiet.   Morgan described the van as boring - but then fell asleep.   Thomas watched some dvd and ate his breakfast pizza - the smell helped keep the driver awake.

We arrived at O'hare - amazing the traffic in Chicago at 5 a.m. - where are these people going?     One person forgot their picture ID, but Meredith had copies of everyone's so we were good.   Check in went smooth.  At security, some of the girls (will not mention who) had to chug down their Monster Drinks!    Which may explain the energy level later on!

We explored terminal 3, many enjoying drinks at Starbucks (more caffine - more energy).   Flight was on-time.   I have not flown Jet Blue for a while and I was impressed.  Very comfy seats, plenty of leg room and satelitte tv - watched American Pickers on the flight.   Arrived in Boston, on time, and the walk to baggage was short.   We must have been out of the airport in 15 minutes or so.

Boarded the Silver Line Bus to the Red LIne subway.   Crammed into this bus.   Two young men got on to begin their adventure of hiking the Appaishain Trail stright trhough from Maine to GA.   Now that is a hike.

Arrived in N Quincy, and we looked like a line of ducks toting our luggage down the sidewalk single file.   Rick has a good photo.    The walk felt longer than it was and with some light rain falling, I was pleased the group was not complaining.    Meredith kept barking orders to not cross an intersection until the whole group arrived....lead on!

Our hotel is nice, not great.   But it works for us.   

We settled in and after a brief rest, headed out for lunch at 2 p.m.    It was raining, lightly, but we were determined to walk the half mile or so to Applebees.   Outside the hotel was a large van - after a brief conversation he agreed to drive us for $15.  Everyone really likes Pastor Jeff.

Lunch was delightful with people trying to figure out how to share the 2 for $20 lunches or split a lunch.  Of course half the group orders Mountain Dew (see a pattern!)  Lots of sharing going on during lunch, pictures taken, laughter, and many questions of what we were doing next..   

After lunch, time to walk again - up the hill to Walgrens - where we purchased some drinks for super and later.....whcih meant more DEW....oh yeah.   They also bought some sugar snacks...oh yeah.   So, we are doing MORE walking.  Off to the T to buy our weeklong pass (hope no one loses theirs).  And back to the hotel.    

Back at the hotel, the youth have some free time.  Which meant many of the girl changed outfits - I think some for the 3rd time, but I lose track.   Some played cards, others drank dew, some expolring and some down time.

The youth group had pizza for supper - and more DEW.   Then a fairly quiet evening.

I am traveling with 10 young people (and two wonderful adults).  This is a fantastic group of youth.   No whinning, bright, energetic and postive young people.  It is delightful to be with such great young people.

I was able to meet up with my brother Kevin who lives north of Boston.  He came down in his truck (a really nice ride) and took me to Tony's Clam Shack.   We enjoyed a really good lobster roll, fried clams and huge freid scallops....and a cold beverage.    A really good meal.    Good to catch up with Kev as we had not seen each other since last Novemeber.    Hoping to get togetehr in September.

Well, it is now 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  Time for beakfast and then off to downtown Boston.   Will be in touch.